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Screenshosts of TrackRacing Pursuit
  • TrackRacing Pursuit Free
  • TrackRacing Pursuit Free
  • TrackRacing Pursuit Free
  • TrackRacing Pursuit Free
  • TrackRacing Pursuit Free
  • TrackRacing Pursuit Free
  • TrackRacing Pursuit Free
  • TrackRacing Pursuit Free
Description of TrackRacing Pursuit Free

This is a vehicular combat game in which vehicles are outfitted with weaponry to combat opponents. Each vehicle is equipped with machine guns and one special attack that is unique to that vehicle.

Recommended 1GB of RAM

New realistic physics and cars collisions!

The game has so far only a multiplayer game, you need at least 3g network, the game have 30 000 daily players, you will not play alone!

2 Multiplayer modes
★Deathmatch: the level of scattered ammunition, missiles, and nitro kits, for killing a player gets 3 points.
★Street Race: All players start as racers, if someone dies he becomes a cop, racers get points for pass checkpoints, police receive points for the capture racers.

Destroy cars in various ways in the new game. Pass various strength tests and get new achievements, experience and machines. Earn destruction experience and get cool cars and new features. is a demolition derby themed racing game with soft-body damage modeling, need for speed dynamics and in-depth vehicle upgrading, featuring both demolition derbies and more traditional track races. It’s all wreckfest fun, breakneck racing and over-the-top crashes.

The game offers various tracks and events across the nation for endless racing and destruction driving pleasure.
Arena Demolition Derbies
Play the traditional Vigilante 8 derby events in an arena. All drivers start in opposite directions and the goal is to smash the other cars and be the last man (car) standing to win the race.
Race track / Crashday events
You can also drive on race and speedway tracks which gives a different type of challenge and experience. These races are referred to as a banger racing (for British and Europeans) and are mostly referred to as twisted metal racing in the United States. During these gatherings you are invited to race on (dirt) race tracks and you can try to win by reaching the finish first or through endurance as you disable your opponents and survive to be the last (man / car) standing after the racing carnage. The quest for destruction continues in the latest version that now also includes enhanced day and night scenery. Try to master all tracks with different vehicles and and test your driving skills to the max as you aim to complete all tracks with the full 3-stars!
Have fun smashing and destroying your adversaries, but understand that the game is a quite accurate simulation of the real thing! In this derby simulator limiting car damage is key to becoming victorious and how you smash into other cars makes a big difference. Always try to smash rivals in the side of their vehicle or from the rear. A reckless head-on collisions on the other hand should be avoided to prevent your engine to die or other extreme damage to occur. To boost the damage you inflict on an rival you can get your motor rev up and run faster by using the nitro boost. Nitro boosts and other power-ups can be purchased before the race.
So stay tuned and rush to join the mayhem as we bend some serious metal in 2021. If you like demolition derby games check our update with capture the flag mode soon. Hold on to the flag while you whirlpool round your rival taunting them into pure vertigo!

Version history TrackRacing Pursuit Free
New in TrackRacing Pursuit 174
removed rocket trial time, now game absolutely free
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